EU organic awards

Brabant is built on agriculture. We have a tremendous agricultural system which is traditionally based on producing as efficient as possible. Unfortunately, the downside of this system can be seen in the environment. Thanks to the hightech-expertise in our province, Brabant has a magical mix for success in agrifood. Our innovative power is now used to contribute to the worldwide goals on sustainable production. Organic farming plays an important role in the transition of the agricultural system to a more sustainable system.

Ambition and focus

Brabant has set a very ambitious and concrete goal for organic production: 15% organic land in 2030. In our Organic Action Plan the focus is on five action points.

1. Better access to land

2. Support during the transition process

3. Knowledge and Innovation

4. Market Development

5. Organic in the Education Curriculum

The complete agrifood chain is represented in Brabant: from primary production to food processing and wholesale. And we all work together. Collaborating, working together in different coalitions, with concrete actions, is in Brabants DNA. This is the key to Brabants success.

Our Organic Action Plan is more than just resounding words, we enroll it energetically during the process. We are not there yet, but we will! That is why Brabant is applying for Best Organic Region in the EU.

  1. Organic Action Plan in Dutch
  2. Resume of the Organic Action Plan in English
  3. Letter of recommendation from Bionext
  4. Letter of recommendation from UDEA
  5. Letter of recommendation from the organic farmers
  6. Letter of recommendation from HAS Green Acadamy